Why should (only) girls have all the fun? (When it come to dressing) 
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Why should (only) girls have all the fun? (When it come to dressing) 

What about Moms, and mom-to-be's as That’s the full question in place but that was too long to be fitting in the title. But you get the idea. As a girl, I’ve always felt blessed, especially when it came to dresses for there are so many options to choose from. I am sure a lot of you agree to it, for the variety of dresses available in the girls vs boys section. Hands down, girls win on this. Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure to explore and try out a number of new designs and patterns. But then, it took a standstill when I entered motherhood. Suddenly the options seemed limited, and I wasn’t really able to get something that suited the purpose of my changing body. But also, the problem was larger when I studied this deeper. To seek exclusive clothes for oneself during pregnancy was not really encouraged in this society for all the importance was supposed to be given only to the little one. That was when I started exploring more about maternity wear. In this blog, I take a look into the myths and mindsets surrounding maternity wear.

What will they think?

This question is in the mind of many Mom-to-bes when thinking of buying maternity wear, even today. We have to talk about this. Yes, the maternity wear market is wide open and there are so many variants that an expecting mother can try out, but there is this mental block about ‘what will people think about me if I am thinking about looking good in the times of pregnancy?’. And by saying society, it is the immediate family at times who question the mindset of an expecting mother. One of the main driving factors to start Putchi was to raise this bar and make maternity clothing a happy norm.

Where to buy?

There is still ignorance on fronts of where to buy maternity clothing amidst the advent of the Internet. But thanks to the Internet, this wall is breaking fast, and access to quality and affordable maternity wear is on the rise. Today the expecting mothers can sit at their convenience and order maternity wear from their homes. This definitely has changed the game, and for all the reasons, Putchi has predominantly stayed online to build on this momentum. One of our aims is to reach across all the cities in the country this year, and make maternity wear available and affordable to all expecting mothers.

 Will it be comfortable?

Even educated women have this doubt, about how comfortable can maternity wear be? Will it harm the little one in any way? No way! Because the entire idea of maternity wear is to provide extra comfort to the expecting mother so she feels relaxed and so does the little one. Extreme care is taken on the material to be soft and non-irritant. At Putchi we can vouch for this, as we use 100% pure cotton keeping in mind the health and safety of the mother and the child. Yes, safety is definitely the priority.

 Will it look odd?

Nope! Most maternity wear today has forayed into the fashion category today, and it is no more the loose and large-sized nightgown as the only option. There are Kurthas, maxi gowns, floral patterns, denim based designs, and so much more that’s coming up. At Putchi too, we are constantly exploring how to merge this line of style and comfort. In our dresses come with feeding zippers that stay concealed. So no one really knows that it is maternity wear except for the mother herself.

These are certain myths and the mindsets surrounding maternity wear. Now the next thing you can do is head on to our festive collection and see the latest collection. Motherhood calls for a celebration, anytime!