Birth of Putchi



That is a very valid question. There are hundreds of maternity wear online. Why should you trust Putchi with your decision to buy maternity wear online? Here are few valuable reasons that we are proud to share.



We started as a maternity friendly brand that caters specifically to the world of the expecting mothers. Being a mother myself, this was more than a brand but my honest answer to the problem I faced when I was pregnant. Of everything, finding the right maternity wear was one big challenge. Instead of cribbing about the problem, I decided to answer it for myself. Coming from this sound experience, the products we make at Putchi are hence totally maternity friendly, focusing on how to make their lives easier.


100% COTTON:

Comfort is the priority. The entire idea of sourcing 100% pure cotton to make each and every wear is to provide maximum comfort to the expecting mother. And it is not just the mother but also the little one who comes in close contact to the dresses. So we take utmost care to make sure only the safest fabric is used to make our maternity wear.



We cannot emphasize enough on the safety and comfort factor we focus in Putchi. The design and the cuts are so amicable that the finish allows enough breathing space for the mother and little one to remain comfy.



When you buy a Putchi wear, it not only makes space for your baby bump but also stays with you till the nursing days. Yes, the concealed zippers that come in the dresses are super-handy when it comes to feeding the babies. Especially when it comes to feeding at public faces, the mother can nurture the little one without any intimidation. This design intervention in the maternity wear is definitely a boon to every mother.



From sourcing the material to finishing the product, Putchi adheres to eco-friendly and ethical practices. In fact in the packaging too, we don’t plastic but eco-friendly composite bag that keeps the earth litter free. The ultimate idea is to build a healthy world together, for all of us.


These are the essential features that make Putchi stand out when it comes to Maternity wear. We constantly keep innovating to make sure we deliver only the best to the world of mothers. Check out our latest maternity wear collection and grab your favorite ones.

THE BIRTH OF PUTCHI: as a maternity wear brand
Why should (only) girls have all the fun? (When it come to dressing)