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When you’re pregnant, your body is changing continuously and constantly. One of the silent yet significant challenges is the lookout for outfits that will keep you comfortable. And it isn’t as easy as it sounds. The normal instinct is to try out loose clothes, or buy the next sized ones and fit in. But thanks to the world of maternity wear, there are so many options today. Maternity wear is no longer a new word for that segment is catching up popularity for all good reasons. Now before we head on to see why you need maternity wear, let us take a look on when to buy maternity wear.

When to buy Maternity Wear?

This is a question that puzzles many first time moms. Many women do not straight away invest on specialized maternity wear, and it is a very subjective decision. But it all depends on their timely needs.  Here are some quick clues that may imply that you are good to replace your wardrobe with some exclusive maternity wear.

  • Your pants start making you feel uneasy when buttoned
  • You feel bloated throughout the day
  • Your bump stars to peek out demanding some extra space
  • Your button-up shirts finds it hard to do the last two buttons
  • You feel at ease in lycra type clothing material

These are practical signs that you need to pay attention to the little one growing inside, and asking for some space outside. Comfort is the essence. And here are some solid benefits.  

Why to buy Maternity wear?

COMFORT IS THE KEY. Yes, comfort is everything when it comes to pregnancy times. You simply cannot be moving around in outfits that doesn’t fit you anymore or feels uncomfortable. Maternity clothes today come with various options keeping this comfort factor in mind. Be it kurthas or maxi-gowns, end of the day it comes down to comfort. The more comfortable it is, the more value it adds. 

SPRUCE UP THE STYLE QUOTIENT. Who said mom-to-bes cannot aspire to be stylish? Of course, all the onus goes to the little one inside, but nothing wrong for a woman to dress up well and flaunt her style. Maternity wear today are not only coming up with comfort features but contemporary designs that you will love to sport. You definitely need to check out our festive collection to see what we mean here.

FEEL BETTER AND CONFIDENT. Yes, dressing up well is not only about the comfort and style, but it altogether boosts the self-confidence. Morning sickness, nausea, mood swings and more come to play their games in the minds of a mom-to-be, but how about a sleek and stylish denim cotton top with concealed nursing sleeves? Now that’s comfort + style + confidence.

Now tell us, how excited are you to shop for your maternity wear already?

Why should (only) girls have all the fun? (When it come to dressing)