Birth of Putchi


Congratulations all the new mothers!

Firstly for the little wonder you are carrying in your hands, and secondly for the advent of the breastfeeding tops. Seriously, how tricky was it earlier to be feeding the little one at public places? It is known that a child has to be fed when he/she is hungry, and that can happen anytime when you are in a public place like mall or park too. To be able to find a private space becomes a challenging part, but with the breast feeding tops available today, the mothers can comfortable sit and feed their children at their convenience on the go.


Do mothers need a nursing wear?

Well, we think they definitely they do. To evade the eyes of the public and feed the child peacefully is something that cannot be compromised. And nursing wear gives that power to the mother. And not just this critical feature, but also the fact that they are fashionable makes it a wear that you can wear anywhere, anytime. Let us take a quick look at the benefits of wearing a feeding top.

Benefits of wearing a feeding top:

  1. First things first, its essential functionality of letting you feed the child anywhere, anytime is a gift. You can feed your little one at any place without embarrassment.
  2. Breast feeding tops greatly support your breasts, preventing them from becoming saggy.
  3. There is no need to carry expressed milk in bottles anymore, consciously worried about the timing of it to be safe and good to the little one.
  4. Breast feeding tops are not just comfortable but super fashionable too. If you check our collection, you will know what we are meaning here.
  5. And the best part? You can wear breast-feeding tops even after the nursing period is over. That is exactly why we call ourselves a versatile maternity wear brand.


Now those are the quick benefits you have in place. There is more to a breast-feeding top than what meets the eyes. We give the power of choice to you now to browse through our entire collection. www.the it is. Happy exploring!