Birth of Putchi


I, myself being a mother know that it is not an easy job, to say the least it is extremely tiring and this is the reason I do something very often which is take a vacation. Something I would like to call: getting the heck out of dodge. You would have that feeling rising up inside you as well.

The need to escape.

I also know that motherhood is a full-time hyper vigilant job. I need a break from time-to-time because I start exhibiting behaviours like feeling irritated or offended when the baby needs a diaper change or a drink or just to help to reach out something, loss of patience for general things, the constant desire to be alone, cutting corners with discipline, quality time and household chores even though I dislike the results, feeling like no one is respecting my boundaries.

I, sometimes don't even know I am doing it. I am a mother so for me, this not a family vacation it’s a business trip. When I think about the day-to-day resume for stay-at-home mom, getting sometime alone is not a luxury but a necessity as it can become monotonous.

Whenever I take a trip, I do a few things and they are beneficial like sleeping or reading which I don't get to do a lot because of the baby, relax by the pool/beach/mountain, plan the year ahead, hangout with friends, sightsee, have amazing meal which I tend to skip a lot at home while taking care of the baby and a lot more. I truly feel that time away is not selfish, it's an investment in you.

New moms don’t need a fancy big vacation, she’d be happy with a trip to the bathroom by herself. But there are positive benefits to taking a weekend mommy vacation.

When I take a vacation it's not just being able to sleep or read a book but actual noticeable differences in attitude and emotional well-being.

As I take time away, I can feel my patience returning. My previous instant desire to flee and be alone is replaced with a small growing appreciation for normal life with kids.

It does seem silly that a time period as short as a weekend can cause such an attitude turnaround, but it's absolutely true!

After I became a mom there were a new set of responsibilities added and when I finally have time to relax and get 'off-duty' the feelings that have been stuffed are able to resolve themselves. I start feeling like me again.

Mom vacation also creates space for delight in my kids to return.

While being a mom, responsibilities outweigh cute moments.

The 'urgent' takes priority over spontaneous.

While I get away from responsibilities and obligations for a day or two actually forces me to just ‘be'. And me just being me, the delight with my child comes back full force.

I find myself anxiously awaiting the reunion with them and delighting in the things that, two days earlier would have been inconvenient and annoying.

I feel like it's good for my kids to spend time with their dad, other family members, or care givers who love them.

Also, the more positive influences on your children, the merrier.

Truthfully your husband is NOT doing you a favour by watching the kids.

With me out of the way my spouse, family members or a friend has a chance to spend some time with the kids doing things I'd probably not ordinarily do.

New games, new activities, new vocabulary are just good old-fashioned change that kids need, a change that is as good as a vacation.

For me becoming a mother was a major life change.

 If other areas of your life change at the same time as becoming a mother-career, location, etc., then the transition can really throw you for a loop.

When you're focused on others all day and barely give your needs or wants a thought, we can begin to lose our identity.

Of course, we must meet our children's needs all day and sacrifice our previous habits by necessity.

However, I like to take some time and remember who I am as a person outside of being a mother. What I like to do, what I don't like to do. Time to find remember passions and time to do the things that I love that there aren't enough hours in the day for.

When I take time away I do it for two purposes.

Relaxation and/or doing things I like.

Sometimes I be able to do both successfully which means that upon returning home I'll actually feel ahead.

Ahead and rested!

If you have something you'll be able to do both successfully which means upon returning home you'll actually feel ahead.


Lastly, I would just say that if you got the dosh to spend then don't feel guilty.

While it may seem self-indulgent and selfish to spend time away, it's actually necessary to recharge and refresh yourself.

When you have an all-consuming and demanding job like motherhood, taking time away only helps you return your home better equipped to lovingly and patiently carry out your responsibilities.

An ideal mommy vacation will look different to every woman.

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