Birth of Putchi


You know that scene in Titanic when 100 year old Rose says, "it's been 84 years...?" That's how it feels to be in the third trimester of your pregnancy. There are ups and downs and I am not even talking about the nausea that makes you feel like you are living on a ship. Not just that there are a few other downsides of pregnancy like swollen ankles, new found tiger stripes, and roller coaster of mood swings. Sounds fun, right? 

When I was expecting I did not feel or look my best and was thinking if I should get maternity pictures at all. I was scrolling through Instagram seeing all fit mamas looking like divas and comparatively I looked huge. Even though I did not rock this whole pregnancy thing I wanted it to be documented. It is true that pregnancy can have it's less enjoyable moments, but your body is doing an incredibly beautiful thing. I'll never regret documenting this change with maternity photos. 


From the moment I saw those two parallel lines on the pregnancy test, my life took a 360 degree turn. I started dreaming about the day I would get to hold the baby in my arms. At first I felt like one second was a minute long, and found myself saying "I am sick & tired of being pregnant". 

I have complained a lot to my husband, family and friends about sleepless nights, back ache, nausea, swollen legs and saying "I am never going to miss this phase", I stated this while sweating a bucket full on a relatively cool day.

Time passed by, I missed that bump. It wasn't at first but as the time went and the baby started crawling I scrolled through my monthly pregnancy pictures while rubbing on my belly. I also found myself mentioning, "I miss those bump days". 

The truth is while pregnancy is hard, there is something simultaneously magical about it. I was growing a new life, and I was the only one the baby was depending upon. I felt the baby's every hiccup, every kick, and headbutt to my ribs. I was completely connected.

Once it was over I found myself reliving those days, nostalgia kicking back with full force. So, it's especially important to capture these moments as pregnancy won't last forever and pregnancy will fly by quicker than anticipated. 

The entire duration of my pregnancy everyone has always pointed out "You're glowing" or "pregnancy suits you" between the mood swings, the urge to eat everything in front of me, and the clothes not fitting, it did not make me feel beautiful. 

I felt a decline in my self-confidence. My ever-expanding tummy made the perfect excuse to avoid taking pictures for a solid nine months, but I came through.

I realised that I am growing a human being and that's a good enough reason to celebrate. I went to the salon for a pampering session, dressed up in a way that accentuates my beautiful bump, applied some makeup for a photography session that my doctor did not recommend in case of pregnancy monday blues.

I was flabbergasted at how amazing the pictures turned out and how beautiful I looked! 

From the day the baby comes into your life, time zips along!

It seemed like one minute I am in the hospital with the newborn in my arms, and the next, I am chasing the toddler through the aisles of a supermarket. 

I for sure miss those calm pregnancy days, wherein I did not have to worry about diaper changes or being out of wipes and heading to the store. I also miss that my baby bump couldn't talk back and get into an argument over veggies for every meal.

Now that my child is grown I find myself reminiscing about my pregnancy days and how quiet the house was. I love reflecting on how I had such a tiny human growing inside of me, and my maternity photos are a wonderful reminder of a time long gone. 

I think my children will enjoy seeing these pictures when they are older. They won't notice the extra kilos or the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, they'll focus on something more important which is the love and joy that was radiating from within. 

The photos will be treasured!

I realised that the best time to capture the bump with a professional photographer is around 28-36 weeks. Because this was the time frame in which I felt comfortable enough to move around and pose for cute belly pictures. But there is no hard and fast rule here! If you're really digging your belly size in your 7th or 8th month, snap your pictures then.

It is particularly noteworthy to choose the right outfit that accentuates your bump and is comfortable for you to move around. We at Putchi curate the most comfortable and stylish maternity wear to help you dazzle and keep you the point of attraction whenever you wear our garment. You'll shine through with Putchi's latest collection made from silk incorporating intriguing silhouettes and beautiful colours.


Scheduling a maternity photo session should be on every mommy-to-be's checklist.

By having maternity photos taken you are giving your child to look at the world that they will never be able to see for themselves, the time that you and your spouse spent before they entered your life. They'll have physical proof of how happy and excited you were to meet them.

As we know time passes by like an arrow . It won't be long before your child may be showing these pictures to their own child. Your grandchild who might only see you as the gray-haired grandma who is always ready to give you chocolates and hugs will have an opportunity to see you in another light. 

That's a tremendous gift for your child and the children who come into the family after them. And it's a great present for you and your whole family as well. It's something you will cherish forever.