We turned our dream into a reality!
Birth of Putchi

We turned our dream into a reality!

Every entrepreneur faces a unique set of conditions and factors that are distinctive to their industry. When we first launched Putchi, we were new to the game and had to learn everything from scratch. Starting up a business from the ground up can be both a lonely and a communal endeavor. We had to wade through a lot of products as young new parents to find decent quality clothing. Putchi was the result of our own experiences during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our mission was to be a one-stop destination for all the clothing needs of Indian women going through the beautiful phase of pregnancy and motherhood. Our goal was to create maternity clothing that made every woman feel both confident and comfortable during their pregnancy. Finding nice paired clothing can be especially challenging while you're pregnant, not only because of the extra weight you'll be carrying but also because of the extra curves that come with a changing maternity body. As we know, the human body is constantly changing, and knowing which one of your items will suit your curves perfectly from one day to another can get very tricky. Putchi has a large collection of maternity Kurtis and dresses that are tailored to fit the shape of a pregnant woman's body. From the packaging to the apparel and everything else that surrounds Putchi, we hold our brand value and sustainability high. With our flexible clothing, we bring mommy fashion on point with our simple, sophisticated, and chic designs. 

As the rest of the story revolves around our pregnancy, we came up with the name for the brand, which is our son Putchi's pet name. Chi also refers to our life's vitality! By creating a brand like Putchi, we have created a community of women that enjoy building a wholesome circle of confident mothers. Our friends and family provide us with honest input, which has helped us get to this point. We've been asked about our brand and how it's made; we're a women-centric firm with 80 percent female employees. We had clients from a young age since our clothing is extremely comfortable and has the unique feature of being able to be worn even after pregnancy.

Putchi is a company that represents women and empowers them to be confident in all stages of their lives. People were attracted by our comfort and stayed for the fit and multiple sustainable options. Now, we're already ruling the bump fashion world! And it goes on. 



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