So many of us have them, so why is this so taboo? Postpartum Stretch Marks Are Nothing to Be Ashamed Of
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So many of us have them, so why is this so taboo? Postpartum Stretch Marks Are Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

I have stretch marks across my hips, and I have grown to love them. I mean they aren't that big of a deal to me, why should they be?

It's just how your skin sits, what is the point of obsessing over every little line or imperfection on your body? We don't do that with birthmarks, then why stretch marks should be any different?

The general opinion on stretch marks is negative and often leads to self-degradation. Over the years, society has drilled into us that it's wrong to be confident in our imperfect bodies, or daring to be different.

But what is the point in living our lives covering up such a beautiful part of ourselves?

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, medically known as striae, can appear on the skin as red linear streaks. They are often present in people who are pregnant or overweight, or who have experienced rapid weight gain or weight loss.

Experts say a personal history of stretch marks from growth spurts can also make a person more likely to have them develop during pregnancy. Ultimately, the issue boils down to the ability to accept and even embrace the developing stretch marks as a part of the childbirth process.

Caring For Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a part of your skin, and as such, they should receive the same care and attention that other areas of your skin receive. While experts caution that there are no products that can completely remove stretch marks, there are options available that can make them less noticeable.

Why use our Belly Butter?

Some creams and other products can help to lighten stretch marks, but they work best when used on new stretch marks. Our Belly Butter can help to reduce itching during pregnancy, even if it cannot prevent stretch marks.

In other words, while our Belly Butter may not be able to fully prevent stretch marks, it can help to reduce their appearance and make them less itchy, especially if used regularly.

Why we should learn to love our stretch marks

Your body has accomplished an amazing feat. It has nurtured and developed another person. That is no small task and should be celebrated!

Once people who have given birth make peace with and perhaps even learn to love their stretch marks, they can help lead the way in normalizing stretch marks and our bodies in general.

Comedian Russell Howard once said during his excellent news show "Why get rid of wrinkles? They're a record of every smile," we don't hate our freckles, we don't cover up our birthmarks, so we have to stop being so self-conscious about those beautiful marks. These lines and imperfections are another reason why we are unique and beautiful. They are another symbol of the progress we have made, another tiger stripe to add to the collection.

In life, you'll often find that it's the imperfections that make everything seem so perfect. So, don't bend to society's "perfect image", embrace those fierce tiger stripes.

Beauty comes in all forms, accept your insecurities and don't let anyone try and stop you.



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