Going back to work after childbirth
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Going back to work after childbirth


Now that you have given birth and finally settled down, you might think about returning to work. But you may notice that many things have changed since you left for your maternity leave, like the way you plan your day, your responsibilities and priorities. Not wanting to go back is also totally fine, until that’s what you truly want. Choose what kind of work is comfortable with you and the baby. There are lots of people who have transitioned to working from home after their pregnancy.

When is the right time?

It is recommended to take rest for a period of at least 6 weeks resuming to your usual work life. If you have undergone a C- section, it is advised to not indulge in heavy exercise for about 8-12 weeks. But it really depends upon when you are ready enough to work. Each woman’s body have a different recovery period, some women may start working a week from delivery while some might even take a year long break.  When you are resuming work, start at the middle of the week. This makes your first week shorter and gives you enough time to transition.


What to expect when you return to work?

  • There may be periods of increased anxiety
  • You are likely to be more exhausted
  • You might experience guilt of spending time apart from your baby
  • The working environment and schedules might have undergone changes
  • You might find it difficult to have have time for yourself
  • Balancing work and home life might be challenging


Plan and co-ordinate before starting work

Have a conversation with your boss or co workers and get to know about what is happening at work. Plan with whom your baby is going to stay with, be it a member of your family or with a caregiver. Before starting work have the baby spend time with their caregivers for them to get adapted. You might also want to arrange for alternatives when your baby falls sick or the caregiver is not able to make it. Organise your home and start prepping for the next day beforehand.

Express your difficulties

Express your needs to your employer and ask for their support. Seek help from your co-workers at work and your family for your needs at home. Set boundaries with your team at work regarding your work timings and the work load being handed over to you. You will be surprised how much people are ready to help just by asking them.

Wear comfier clothing

Your body have undergone a lot of changes in your pregnancy journey which might make it difficult for you to work for longer hours. Also, to facilitate your body movements for a whole day comfier clothing and intimates is essential.

Have time for yourself and the baby

Bonding with your baby will become difficult with the lesser time you spend with then. Try to schedule your baby and mommy time at nights to help bond with them.

 As much as spending time with your baby is important, it is important to have time for yourself. Our foot spa therapy crystals will help you relax from your tiring day at work, furthermore you can pamper your body with our Put-chi Pampered products in your everyday self-care routine.

Pumping while at work

If you are still breastfeeding when you start work, consider pumping milk at work so that others can feed your baby. Don’t hesitate to take sufficient breaks at work. Not pumping your milk for longer hours might be painful and might lead to emotional stress. Wearing the right bra might help you with pumping from your workplace in a safe and comfortable manner.

 Slowly introduce your baby to bottled milk at least three weeks before starting work. Start by feeding the baby yourself and slowly make the caregiver do the feeding for a healthier transition.

To conclude

It is a big deal to start working after childbirth, learn to be patient with yourself. Just know that countless mothers are facing difficulties while entering their workspace and feeling the same thing. Go with the pace you are comfortable with and turn a blind eye towards societal stereotypes. What you are going through might not be visible to others.