Reasons to visit our store during the Navaratri sale
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Reasons to visit our store during the Navaratri sale


      It’s a simple and known fact that dresses wear out and change style often. This means that it is inevitable for a person to shop for new clothes once in a while and refresh their wardrobe. For a person who is frugal in spending, she can buy clothes during the sale or offer period when their favourite brand offers which can often need some sort of planning.


Navaratri sale(oct 03 to oct 05):

   If you are planning to refresh your wardrobe and do Diwali shopping the putchi’s Navratri sale is the ideal time to do all your apparel shopping for Diwali and upcoming events. Don’t end up buying at the last minute. In this sale, you can get a discount of up to 15% in on store and as well as online on our existing and latest Diwali collection which includes 14 dresses & kaftans, 21 shirts &t-shirts, 3 nightgowns, and 15 ethnic wears.


Why do you need to experience our store during the Navaratri sale?

The following are the 5 reasons u should consider visiting our store during the Navaratri sale:

  1. Experiencing the product
  2. Expert Advice
  3. No waiting required
  4. Pleasant experience
  5. No return is needed


      1.  Experiencing the product:

            As you visit our store you can touch, feel and experience clothing before You buy for yourself.

  1.  Expert Advice:

            If you have any confusion in selecting your clothing you can get expert advice from Nadhiya who has been in the field of garments for more than 20 years and Danimadharasi with 5 years of suggesting the best material and collection that suits you and your love once.

    3.   No waiting required:

          As you can get your clothing in hand without any waiting you generally experience will you ordered online.

  1. Pleasant experience:

         Customer experience is essential for any clothing brand. As you visit our store you can experience good vibes and a satisfactory feel by seeing our vibrant collection of the dress.

    5.    No return needed:

           As you have to try and bought your dress from our store so you don't need to worry about the size and fitting issues.

As you know once there is a verdict that users feel happy to buy online now the scenario is different because the customer love to experience, feel and buy their clothing without any waiting, and if there is an offer they love to buy offline as like our Navaratri offer of up to 15 %.

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