Why should there be a switch to bamboo intimate wear?
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Why should there be a switch to bamboo intimate wear?

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Bamboo Intimate Wear? 

Be it a sweaty summer, a cozy winter, or comfortable monsoon wear - whatever the occasion and weather - the first checklist starts with intimate wear - bras, panties, and camis. When you say undergarments, we seek sweat-free, comfy, quick-drying fabrics. 

Over the years, cotton has been our go-to undergarment fabric because of its breathability. But did you watch the trend of bamboo thriving in fabrics and apparel? Quintessentially, into the world of intimate wear, leaving no style and comfort unturned. 

What about bamboo fabric? Why should someone switch to bamboo intimate wear? Scroll down! We got you covered. 

What is Bamboo Fabric? 

What strikes your mind if you close your eyes and imagine a bamboo fabric? Wood? Fiber? Some rough brownish cloth? Ah! How about this? Natural and eco-friendly, bamboo fiber is the 21st century's new textile material, all thanks to its impressive properties. For starters, bamboo is 100% biodegradable. From nature, to nature. 

It grows under suitable conditions without pesticides, bamboo is a sustainable resource. Also, let's tell you this: bamboo is grass, not wood as you see it. As a result, it takes less time to grow and mature than normal trees. It develops into a strong and durable material within 4-5 years and is ready for harvest. 

The harvest is then sent to a mill, bathed with sodium hydroxide solution to dissolve its cellulose. Carbon disulfide is added next, followed by fiber extraction. The final step is to clean, bleach, and dry the fibers. Bamboo pulp is processed like this to produce long, clear, and firm fibers.

Bamboo can grow really fast. What? Not believing? It can grow up to 3 feet in a day. While bamboo has historically been used for structural purposes, technology has enabled bamboo fiber to be used in a variety of textile and fashion applications. Modern-day bamboo clothes are challenging veteran fabric rulers like silk and cotton. 

Why should you switch to bamboo intimate wear? 

There are countless reasons to prefer bamboo inner wear. Its luxuriously-soft texture and Eco-friendly attributes make bamboo intimates a must-have. What's more? It has got to offer a lot to your body. Check them out! 

A healthier choice from you to the intimate you! 

Bamboo underwear is healthier, which makes it a popular choice for many people. It contains a natural antibacterial and anti fungal bio-agent so that your intimate wear is non-infectious. Not just that, it also makes it odor-resistant. An absolute must for undergarments! The fibers in bamboo create micro spaces that can wave out the moisture. So, no sweat, no itching, no rashes. 

Comfortable fabric

Metamorphically and literally, the vital part we seek in intimate wear is comfort. Bamboo intimate wear ticks that list first with its airy, ultra smooth, and gentle fabric texture. Adding to it is the thermoregulating nature it holds. The result will be a cool summer and a warm winter. The no-static character helps you stay non-clingy to your inner wear. 

Highly suitable for all skin types

We know the struggle of people with sensitive skin. It's not easy to find a fabric match. A simple wrong choice can cause allergic reactions, rashes, eczema, and intimate acne. But the good news that comes along is bamboo fabric is the best alternative for even super sensitive skin. The fibers are a natural blend with all skin types and sensitivities. Ola! 

Does UV protection only apply to the face? Your skin is now covered too! 

Not just your face; your body needs an SPF too! And what if we say the best shield from UV rays is bamboo? No, we aren't joking here. Bamboo comes with inbuilt UV protection layers in its fibers. It can filter out as much as 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Thus, it is essential for your skin, especially when you get to soak in sun rays for a more extended period. 

Maintenance free? - Woah! Add a point. 

How many times have you worn a washed cotton dress just as it is? Wrinkled cloth? No way, right? Cotton needs regular maintenance like starch, ironing, specific wash patterns, etc. But bamboo blesses you by waving them all away. There is no need to iron bamboo clothing. Despite frequent washings, bamboo fibers hold their shape remarkably well, making the fabric nearly wrinkle-proof.

Bamboo knows there's no planet B. 

Sustainability is the need of the hour, and bamboo adheres to its rules. If the bamboo fabric is made in accordance with environmental protocols, it is 100% biodegradable. What else with an eco-friendly choice? Enjoy a wide range of bamboo intimate wear guilt-free. Now we know your next question. In the market with a variety of brands claiming to be bamboo made, which is a reliable brand? 

The Putchi! An award-winning pure bamboo twin knit technology brought to you with a wide range of products for women. The range starts with bamboo intimate wear to dresses, salwar suits to festive wear, and more! Putchi believes in women cherishing every phase of their life. Pregnancy & nursing collections are their best go-to. Comfortable, thermoregulating, and UV-protected, they feature sustainable, antimicrobial, wicking fabric. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bamboo intimate wear today!

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