Healthy Indian Snacks for Pregnancy Cravings
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Healthy Indian Snacks for Pregnancy Cravings

Ice creams and chocolates. Tangy pickles. Sweet ladoos and sour mangoes. When you are pregnant, you might be longing for these foods. You might want to try weird food combinations that otherwise you wouldn’t think of. Usually, they start in your first trimester of pregnancy accompanied by morning sickness and food aversions.
Why do we get Pregnancy cravings?
Hormones! The culprits behind the act are usually said to make your smell and taste more prominent. This can also explain period cravings and cravings during menopause. But no one really knows. The most probable explanation is that your body craves foods to combat deficiencies in your body. Suppose you are craving salty foods, it usually means you are dehydrated. It is also noted that cravings and food aversions go hand in hand. Women experiencing food aversions are also seen to have cravings towards certain foods.
Indian snacks for expecting mothers
1. Tapioca Chips ( Sweet potato chips )
Easily available in your nearby store and can also be made at home with a few ingredients, sweet potato or tapioca chips are high in fibre and antioxidants and improve our brain and gut health. A few thin slices of sweet potatoes fried and coated with some cinnamon, salt and chilli powder turn into a fulfilling snack.
2. Sprouts bhel
The combination of sprouts with a little squeeze of lemon and a few thin chops of tomatoes and onions can be a sweet and tangy fill to your cravings. It also adds to the protein and vitamin supplements to your body.
3. Roasted Peanuts
Peanuts are a rich source of protein, fat and fibre and also a versatile ingredient to combine in your diet. When roasted slightly with some salt and pepper can be a tasty snack to munch on. You can also add a coating of masala mix with some batter according your taste.

4. Puffed rice (churmuri)
Usually used in the preparation of chats, bhel and other combinations, puffed rice is high in fibre and carbohydrates and low in calories. It helps in maintain cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and relieves constipation during pregnancy.
5. Fresh seasonal fruits
It is best to have fruits from your local market and which naturally grows for that particular season. They are mostly organically grown with very little chemical contamination. And India being a diverse country is filled with exotic fruits all around the country. From tasty jackfruits to tangy raw mangoes, we’ve got it all.
6. Multigrain ladoos
Ladoos are our childhood favourites! With a little twist roll out some balls of wheat, ragi or any other millets for a sweet and healthy alternative.
7. Poha
Also, known as beaten rice pilaf, a bowl of poha is rich in carbohydrates, low in gluten and high in iron, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Add vegetables like boiled potatoes, shredded carrots and peas to make it a nutritious mini meal. You can also top it off with some peanuts and sev.
Foods to avoid during pregnancy
It is quite common to have cravings during pregnancy. And it is often tempting to grab a packet of chips instead of an apple. But you should know that in the longer run, it is harmful for both you and the baby. A few foods you might want to avoid during your pregnancy are
 packaged snacks
 processed foods
 instant noodles
 soda
 frozen foods
To conclude
A pregnant woman is advised to eat about six times a day along with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Often times we tend to forget how tasty and healthy our Indian food can be. So now when you get your cravings, remember that you’ve got options, when your craving salty have some salted tapioca chips and if you want something tangy, squeeze some lemon in your bhel. To make your snacking even more fun, relax and soak your legs in warm water with our foot soak crystals.
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