Embracing Tradition and Comfort: Celebrating Onam with Putchi's Maternity Collection
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Embracing Tradition and Comfort: Celebrating Onam with Putchi's Maternity Collection

As the air fills with the sweet aroma of flowers and the symphony of laughter and joy, a cherished festival unites hearts in the beautiful state of Kerala—Onam. Beyond being a celebration of harvest, Onam weaves together rich traditions, cultural heritage, and the spirit of togetherness. At Putchi, we embark on a mission to serve mothers, ensuring their utmost comfort, and what better occasion to exemplify our commitment than during this auspicious festival.

At Putchi, we firmly believe that mothers deserve unparalleled comfort and enjoyment throughout every stage of motherhood, especially during festive occasions like Onam. Our collection of chic and timeless dresses is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of mothers, enabling them to celebrate the festival with grace and style, without compromising on comfort.

Celebrating Onam with Elegance and Grace

We comprehend that mothers deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful at every juncture of their journey. Inspired by the vibrant festivities of Onam, we have curated a special collection of maternity dresses that seamlessly blend tradition with modern comfort. Each design is meticulously crafted to embrace the unique needs of expecting mothers while honouring the very essence of Onam.

Colours assume a significant role in Onam celebrations, with vibrant hues symbolizing joy, prosperity, and abundance. Our Onam Collection showcases a wide array of rich colours, ranging from the classic white and gold combination to vibrant shades of red, green, and yellow. Intricate designs inspired by traditional motifs, such as floral patterns and authentic symbols, grace our garments, creating a visual feast that resonates with the true spirit of Onam.

Our Onam collection showcases a symphony of colours and patterns that capture the essence of Kerala's traditional attire. From soft cotton fabrics to breathable silhouettes, our dresses ensure unrestricted movement and utmost comfort. Flowers hold an integral place in Onam, and our collection embraces this symbolism through floral prints and Onam-specific motifs. These garments allow you to embody the essence of Onam and visually represent the festival's joy and beauty.


Celebrating Motherhood, Celebrating Onam

Our Onam collection stands as a tribute to the spirit of unity, love, and comfort embodied by this festival. Let your journey towards motherhood intertwine with the rich traditions of Kerala, as you experience the bliss of wearing a dress that is both culturally significant and luxuriously comfortable.


Onam surpasses being merely a festival; it is a celebration of the bond between tradition, comfort, and motherhood. At Putchi, we consider it an honour to be part of this magnificent occasion by offering our remarkable Onam maternity collection. Discover the sheer joy of wearing our comfortable and exquisite Onam dresses, embracing the true essence of Onam, where tradition and comfort harmoniously unite.