Do's and Don'ts for Speedy recovery post-C-section
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Do's and Don'ts for Speedy recovery post-C-section


        ->C-Section is a surgical process where the baby is delivered by making a cut on the abdomen and uterus. C-Section is generally done if vaginal birth is felt impossible or unsafe.

        ->In most cases, the C-Section is unplanned and done if any complication occurs at the time of labor.

        ->In some cases, C-section is planned previous because if the person has any of the following medication condition exists,

                  • Already done C-section for the previous baby.

                  • If the pelvis is smaller than the average size baby.

                  • Sometimes expecting multiple babies.

                  • If the baby's position is horizontal or sideways.

                  • If the placenta is attached as low in the uterus.

Follow the Do’s and Don’ts that promotes and help in faster recovery:

Incision Care post C-section:

• Use warm water and mild soap to wash the incision.
• Pat it dry after cleansing.
• Keep the incision area always clean and dry.

• Don’t use cleaning products with the harsh chemical it may worsen.

Diet post C-section:

• Eat a balanced and healthy diet.
• Improve Water intake and juice intake in your diet.
• Try to add fibre-rich foods to your diet.

• Avoid alcoholic beverages.
• Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks.
• Avoid spicy foods.

Physical Activity post-C-Section:

• Take enough time to sit comfortably.
• Try to do walking daily.
• When you are about to cough place a pillow on the incision area.
• Take enough rest.
• Consult lactation expect if you face difficulties in breastfeeding.
• Regularly shower to keep yourself clean.

• Avoid using tampons.
• Do lift the heavier object.
• Avoid swimming.
• Avoid steaming or sauna.
• Avoid climbing stairs.
• Avoid rigorous activity.
• Avoid sexual activity until your doctor permits.

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