From Bump To Baby | Must-Have Essentials In Your Hospital Bag For Mom & Baby

From Bump To Baby | Must-Have Essentials In Your Hospital Bag For Mom & Baby

Careful planning becomes essential as the exciting journey from pregnancy to parenting unfolds. Making a hospital bag that has everything a mother and baby need is one of the most important things on your to-do list. Putchi have put together a specifically designed hospital kit to ensure your comfort and peace of mind during this transitional period since we recognize the significance of this important occasion.

Hospital Kit: A Seamless Transition to Motherhood

Our hospital kit has been thoughtfully designed to encompass everything you and your newborn might need during your stay. From items to keep you comfortable during labor to essentials for your baby's first days, our kit is a comprehensive solution tailored to make your journey from bump to baby as smooth as possible.

Nursing-Friendly Kaftan:

The stylish and useful nursing-friendly kaftan in our hospital pack ensures comfort and convenience during feeding sessions.

Hipster panties :

Our selection of stylishly colored hipster panties, made for postpartum comfort, gives you the support and flair you require.

Maternity pad pack:

With a  maternity pads, you may relax and be safe during the first few weeks after giving birth.

Two sets of compression socks made of bamboo:

With a hint of comfort for your feet, our bamboo compression socks help to improve circulation of blood and reduce discomfort.

Balm for Nipples:

A calming nipple balm is part of our hospital kit, which helps and supports nursing moms.

 Belly Butter:

With our belly butter, which is especially made to enhance skin elasticity both before and after pregnancy, you can nourish and pamper your skin.

 With the Putchi hospital kit, you can confidently start the trip from bump to baby, knowing that you have whatever you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible in the hospital. Get ready for your child's arrival with a package that includes everything a mother and baby need to ensure a special and stress-free experience.


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