Busting Myths about Pregnancy after 35 years of Age

Busting Myths about Pregnancy after 35 years of Age



You would have heard people around you urging for a pregnancy as soon as you get married. Your biological clock is ticking! This is the mantra of every elder one among your circle. But do you really need to be scared of your biological clock?

What is considered a late pregnancy?
Usually, the most fertile age of a women is calculated as between 15 to 35. This is to say, not everyone will be ready to take on the responsibility of a child in this age. Most women in this age will want to advance in their career and may not be financially ready to support a baby. Yes, getting pregnant late in life may lead to some difficulties. But it is not to say that getting pregnant after 40 is impossible with the facilities like IVF and egg freezing in the modern times.

Bursting some myths

You cannot get pregnant after 40 – Yes, your fertility rate decreases after the age of 40 but it also decreases along the years 20 to 30 years. Age is just a number, do not let it decide your life decisions. Your baby will be born with defects in a late pregnancy - This is to say sometimes the embryo getting fertilized might have a higher chance of having defects. This does not mean that late mothers cannot have healthier babies. With the right perinatal care and regular check-ups, you can identify any issues as yearly as possible and have a risk-free delivery

Older moms cannot enjoy parenthood as well as younger moms – Usually moms face a period of hike in happiness in their pregnancy journey, a study has shown that this state is more long lasting in moms aged above 35. So, you don’t have to worry, your parenthood journey is going to be as blissful or even more that in a younger age.

Women who delay are selfish about their careers – On the contrary, it is quite the opposite, woven want to do better in their careers to better support their family and kids. Also, it is known that mothers who have their pregnancy in their earlier part of their career find it harder to advance later in life creating a stagnant at the start of their career phase.

If you cannot conceive naturally, you cannot conceive at all – It may be true 50 years back, but not anymore. With the help of technology and science, you have lots of options like IVF, egg freezing, embryo adoption etc. It is you who have to break the stereotypes and take on the journey.

Other methods to consider

IVF – If you face difficulties with fertilization, you can consider fertilizing your eggs externally in a lab, then it can be put back into your uterus for further growth. You may also consider IVF with donated eggs or donated sperms. Though it might be a long and painful process, when it can lead to you having a baby

Egg freezing – If you are planning to have your baby later in life, freezing your eggs before 35 is a good option. Here the baby’s health is dependent on the age your eggs have been frozen and not your biological age.

Embryo adoption – Embryos are usually frozen by couple and donated,
who are not using them in their own assisted reproductive journey. It might be a good option for mothers who feel they have lesser number of healthy eggs.

Surrogacy – Here, the sperm and eggs are extracted and inserted in the uterus of a surrogate mother who have a healthier body to bear the child. This might be an option for women who have a weaker body or might have health complications that they might be afraid to pass on to the baby.

To conclude
The one thing you have to keep in mind is that, never let your age as a
factor get to you as when to get pregnant. Pregnancy is a sweet journey
accompanied with a lot of responsibilities and commitments. You fix your
own timeline on when you are willing to take on the responsibilities of a
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