Our Story

Who are we?

Putchi Fem tech Maternity Marketplace Superstore is a social movement that cares for Women through their Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum & their entire Motherhood journey. We make them realize the potential of a woman's body and what it can achieve. To support them with solutions to everyday taken-for-granted problems that they face in their lives. The care and strength they need in daily issues like mood swings, changing hormones, functional yet fashionable clothing that fits their ever changing bodies, postpartum period care, vaginal hygiene, maternity medications, doctors- gynecologists and experts consultations, safe on skin, perfectly fitting soft intimate wear, postpartum hair fall, food cravings, maternity tips & advice, paternity roles, and various other very common not taken so serious mental, physical & emotional needs. We are all about caring for mothers, making her self-confident, informed and happy.


The Founding Story:

Putchi was founded as a maternity solutions brand in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India by MK Deepika and her husband Thiyagu in 2020. It all started when she found it difficult to take her 2 month old son Abimanyu out for dinner with her husband because she had no functional and comfortable nursing dress to wear,  to make it easy to breast feed her son. So, she thought of  designing  a functional & fashionable nursing dress that she could easily feed while on the move and at the restaurant. Finding a market need for maternity care, she designed a line of functional maternity (feeding & pregnancy) dresses for women who faced similar challenges like her and she launched an exclusive maternity solutions brand called Putchi, and thus Putchi was born. Putchi first was a maternity fashion brand but later every problem and pain that they went through was analyzed and a solution was brainstormed by both of them. Every Putchi category is inspired by their real life experiences and problems. How did mothers receive the products & services? Phenomenal. For mothers, it felt like someone finally understood them, their pain, what they are going through, and what they really wanted. Someone was finally speaking their mind out, very clearly! Putchi was born and with it a mother was born too.


The Evloution or should we say The Revolution :

The Putchi Puratchi - Putchi FemTech Platform / Marketplace - Putchi's story began with a simple dream - to make it easier to be a mom. But it has grown beyond our wildest imaginations, all thanks to you, our incredible tribe of women specially mothers. Your stories, struggles and dreams inspires us to dream bigger and do better.

As you walk through the doors of our mom first  platform / marketplace, you will find more than just clothing or just products. Our collection celebrates the diverse facets of motherhood, empowering you to be confident, bold, and unstoppable as you carry your future. Our dedication to you extends from the day you hit your puberty to the days when your children have grown, and you find yourself rediscovering the woman you have always been. The Circle of Life !

We've created this sanctuary, carrying your future with love and commitment. As you step in, feel the warmth of connection and know that you are never alone. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way.

"Carrying Your Future"  

Welcome to Putchi Mom's marketplace - "India first,  mom first, tech first superstore !


Vision :

Carrying Your Future! Caring & carrying mothers through their Circle of Life :

Creating Emotionally & Physically empowered, informed women through their entire motherhood life. Revolutionizing a mothers lives. 

Mission :

Building the World’s best & biggest one stop maternity tech driven superstore. Carefully Curating and On boarding the largest category of compassionate & empathetic Products, Services and Technology under one roof  that is a direct solution to  motherhood, pregnancy & postpartum pain and  growing into the most trusted maternity ecosystem that a women can count on.

Goal :

Creating a community  of self confident, empowered, informed women who support and help each other and become a part of the Putchi Revolution - care giving ecosystem who can literally care & carry a mothers future.


Final Values



Community driven


Tech first



Customer experience - being empathetic




Putchi Sub Brands :

Fun Fact : Putchi Sub Brands & Product Categories are only Inspired by real life experiences and problems. So the solutions are on the face, immediate and real time!  


Putchi Nakd:

An exclusive range of Intimate wear, made of Pure Bamboo. With her uncomfortable innerwear experience during her pregnancy, she felt moms and women in general need comfortable, soft, skin-friendly and perfectly fitting bras and panties. The regular ones available in the market failed to understand mothers and how their breasts and body changes. We researched and developed an intimate wear  range that feels snug, secure and antimicrobial (skin friendly) made of Bamboo. The smooth, lightweight bamboo fabric & extra stretch design wicks sweat to help keep dry and odor-free. It fits and moves with the body and is apt to wear under any clothing. So no wonder they felt naked inside - “FEEL LIKE WEARING NOTHING”, which is exactly our tagline for Putchi Nakd - Pure Bamboo intimate wear range.  


Putchi Touchd : We continued giving the best solutions to motherhood. We designed and developed the Putchi Touchd- personal care & hygiene product range. Great quality, natural cotton heavy flow maternity pads that help moms get through the postpartum period in a breeze was first in the line. The pads don't  need to be changed frequently like the normal ones, it can hold upto 750 ml, also helps heal the vaginal after birth cuts. This was also because of the painful experience I went through after my delivery.  We plan to introduce more products in the Touchd category like travel pads, itch free razors and more personal hygiene products taking into account  personal pains mothers face and not openly discussed.


Putchi Pamperd : The skin and hair problem we mothers face is real and hurts the soul, and I understood pain really well. We created  Putchi Pamperd- A range of Skin & hair care products addressing Mothers. Mother care needs products that are safe on skin, organic and most importantly safe for their babies. They tackle issues like breast & nipple cracks, foot swelling, puffed eyes, postpartum hair fall and skin pigmentation that 99% of mothers face and that can be understood by only mothers.


Putchi Relaxd. Moms these days don't necessarily wear well fitting clothes all the time. They require clothes that are much more relaxed, cool and can be worn at home and outside alike, may be a doc visit or a birthday party.  Putchi developed a range of clothes addressing this need, from knitted bamboo T Shirts, Tops, Kaftans, Loungewear, Nightwear, shorts, to full length pajama pants and socks, both semi formal and casuals in all ranges. They are well known for their unique eye-catching classy designs, functionality, quality of fabrics, maternity friendly, and importantly customer affection.