Yes, you have heard it right this was the open truth about the menstrual concern of urban women. Most of menstruating women in India use Sanitary pads. And other menstrual products like liners, tampons, menstrual cups, and period panties are not known and not available easily even for women living in the urban part of India. In some cases, old cloth/rags seem to be the most commonly used thing. Most of Indian men and women feel embarrassed, awkward, and disgusting in buying a sanitary pad from the shop.

The thing is that it doesn’t matter are you male or female, but it’s important for all to know why and how it works. It feels silly because why the topic of menstrual is taboo and not spoken about openly.

->talk it openly in the classroom and workplace like we generally do like I bought my phone, I have a new keychain, I have chocolate etc. likewise say I have period today and it is just a normal girl thing.

->try to teach your father, son, brother, husband, boyfriend, and colleague about

  • what menstrual cycle?
  • challenges faced during the time.
  • pain/discomfort during the time. 

->If you know any tricks and better ways to manage menstrual management in terms of hygienic and efficient ways to handle it, try to share with your mom, sister, daughter, friend etc…

->Try to educate and talk about menstrual health to school students before they hit puberty and make it not a taboo topic for them in future.

->women should not hide their sanitary pads, menstrual cups, and liners, behind their dresses in the closet, wrapping and covering them in newspapers/black bags while they buy from the shop.

->don’t ever try to hide your sanitary pads behind you while you carry them to the toilet because “It is just a pad not an explosive to hide it “. Menstrual is just a biological body mechanism.

->carry your essential menstrual needs as how u carry a pen, keys, lipstick, lip balm, and compact powder to school, college and workplaces

->Let it be visible to everyone it is in no way wrong in any aspect.

->menstrual is not a shame or curse for women. It should not make you feel filthy.

->don’t hesitate to ask your father, son, brother, husband, boyfriend, and colleague to support You during the menstrual cycle.

->make them buy sanitary pads, menstrual cups, and tampons from the nearest shops just like you generally ask for them chocolate or ice cream. It helps in removing shame around it.

->If you were suffering from pain, ask them to give you a good back and feet massage to calm you.

->Make them help you in your day-to-day household activities.

->don’t be embarrassed to reveal that you are in periods.

->If your clothes accidentally spot with blood stains don’t feel awkward it is not a sin. If you have a fresh set of clothes change it or else leave it as its and concentrate on your work. Stop wasting your time by hiding it and think about how your colleagues judge you.